If you’re looking for a big name in graphic design, look no further than Huninghake Communications. It has 24 letters!

And if you’re looking for personal attention and single-source accountability, look no further. As a freelance designer, I am Huninghake Communications. But I’m experienced, versatile and I work well with existing teams. I can also assemble collaborative teams of professionals when necessary.

It’s undeniable that true big-name agencies have capabilities that freelancers and small firms cannot match. Their depth of experience and services are invaluable to companies needing coordinated messaging to bridge across advertising, corporate communications, public relations and social media. I know, because I’ve held senior creative positions with a few of them. That experience was valuable, but so were my many years as a partner in my own small, successful design firm.

So, what have I learned? Among other things I learned that even large agencies with marque accounts occasionally lost business to small creative firms like ours. And I learned that firms the size of ours often couldn’t compete with large agencies for certain types of business.

Of course, this all makes sense because every client is looking for that creative resource they can count on to meet their needs, budgets and timeframes. It’s the reason I believe my experience, talents and collaborative work style make me a valuable resource – not for everyone, but perhaps for you.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore my site, and if you think I might be a good fit for you, let’s talk! Thanks for your time.

A few words from people who’ve worked with me.